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Nutone Intercom Systems

Nutone Intercom Systems

NuTone Retrofit Intercom Systems

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For over 60 years, NuTone has been the leader in home entertainment with radio-intercom communication systems. They are an easy, affordable way to bring convenience, ease of communication, entertainment, and security to your home.

Fully control your NuTone intercom and music distribution system from the master unit. Easily speak with your family from anywhere in the house with two-way conversation from any station. Enjoy quality background music throughout your home, inside and out. Monitor a child’s room or stay in touch with family members no matter where you are in the house. Privacy settings allow silence at any remote station when needed.

Maintain security in your home and safely answer your door by screening visitors from any station. When a guest rings the doorbell, the chime sounds at the master unit and at each remote station. Conversation can be held between any station and the door station.

Is your intercom system old, failing, inoperable, or obsolete? Looking to replace it?
Consider NuTone's Retrofit Intercom System.

Replace your existing intercom system with the new NuTone NM100 series intercom system. Communicate with up to 15 remote stations and up to three door stations.

In addition to clear, precise intercom communication, this latest generation features digital AM/FM radio with programmable station presets, auto on/off system settings, and a digital clock. Auxiliary audio connectivity (two inputs) are present for use with a variety of devices. A Bluetooth streaming option is also available.

Remote stations feature audio source selection, volume control, radio station scan, and room and door talk/listen capability.

The NM100 system door stations are available in white PVC as well as metallic finishes (antique brass, bright brass, and nickel) to match your door hardware.

With a retrofit installation, the existing intercom wiring can be reused - a big advantage and savings. Wires will be thoroughly tested for integrity prior to installation of any new components.

A NuTone retrofit intercom system can replace almost any existing brand of intercom system.

Limited repair service and parts are available for obsolete intercom components and systems.

For more about NuTone intercom components and systems, click here.

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