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Security Cameras and Surveillance

Security Cameras & Surveillance

We can customize a video surveillance system to fit any environment:
  • Retail Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Sea Ports and Terminals
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Private Homes and Communities

Video surveillance is the most valuable loss-prevention safety/security concept available today for both commercial and residential applications. Compact high-megapixel color digital IP addressable Security Cameras along with Digital Video Recorders are the best defense against theft, crime, and fraud.

Proper placement of security cameras is vital in the design of your system. Our engineering team will discuss your needs and inspect the layout of your facility to best determine this. Some key questions to consider: Where are entrances and exits? Where are cash registers located? Where is the most important or expensive products kept? Where are the high-traffic areas? What is the lighting configuration in your facility?

Whether installing cameras on a sales floor, in a work area, inside a warehouse, in a parking lot or garage, or outside, we will ensure that full video surveillance of your property and perimeter is achieved.

Today's advanced technologies bring wide angle motion-triggered digital color cameras with reliable crisp, clear images and long term video storage on digital video recorders or servers. This enables review of criminal incidents and security breeches quick and easy to find, detect, and retrieve. Recorded video can also be used as examples for employee training and safety meetings.

All cameras on a network can be managed individually or simultaneously. On-demand recording, viewing, or activation and deactivation of cameras can easily be done. Live cameras and recorded video are accessible both internally over your network and remotely with an internet connection. Remote control of security cameras and viewing recorded video is possible locally or off site via PC, smartphone, and most other mobile devices. You can easily keep an eye on what happens in your business, office, or home when you are away.

Digital Cameras We Specify:
  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • PTZ (pan–tilt–zoom)
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Extreme Temperature


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Digital Video Recorders (multi-channel)
and Servers

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