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Alarm System Monitoring

Alarm System Monitoring

Our company offers professional alarm system monitoring by our central station for a low monthly fee.

Our monitoring service not only protects your business or home, but also connects them to the appropriate law enforcement and life safety organizations.

Monitoring options:

Broadband Monitoring
Communicate with the central monitoring station via your existing broadband (Internet) connection. This is becoming the most popular means, since many people have given up use of the telephone landline in their homes.

Cell Phone / Cellular Monitoring
This GSM-based system has a GSM Cell device built into the alarm controls. It's ideal for consumers without landlines or broadband connections. It's an added plus for homeowners concerned about their phone line being deliberately cut during a burglary.

Standard Phone Line / Landline Monitoring
POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is the original means to monitor an alarm system - it uses a standard telco landline to communicate with the central station.


For more about, click here features and capabilities also include:
  • Remote viewing of security cameras
  • Home Automation

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