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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Traditional mechanical lock-and-key systems offer only a minimal level of security and protection.

Access control eliminates the need to change out locks when experiencing employee turnover.

Key Card-Entry Access Control Systems consist of a door with an electronic or electromagnetic lock which is operated by a card reader. Each card is customized per user to grant entry of authorized individuals and employees to your property or business, enabling instant tracking of users throughout your facility.

Entry to your premises is regulated from a central control point and managed with software. Each time a key card is used, it's verified against an access control database. Every use of a key card is recorded, even unsuccessful attempted entries. The system maintains complete activity records.

Making changes to users is quick, simple, and immediate and can be fine-tuned for each cardholder, even down to specific dates and times. The key card does not need to be present - access is modified in the software.

An additional layer of safety can be added to a business protected by a Keypad Access System that has hundreds of possible number combinations. Select users of the keypad will be able to activate an electric door strike, arm and disarm a security system, open/close a security gate, as well as various other functions.

In addition to opening a door, most Key Card-Entry Access Control and Keypad Access Systems have the ability to report special conditions, such as if a door is left open longer than a specified time period.

Card-operated or keypad entry systems are highly reliable methods of controlling access to your premises. They offer many benefits over entry control points and address the limitations of mechanical locks and keys.

We install and maintain door entry and fully-integrated electronic security equipment that are secure and convenient for business, commercial, and industrial properties.


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